Egress Calculator

This Egress Window Calculator is intended to provide you with the specifications needed to determine if a your window opening will meet egress requirements. Due to the varying nature of windows, this egress calculator will only be accurate for windows from the Great Egress Company.

How to use the Egress Window Calculator

We are on a mission to make egress windows more accessible. Follow the steps below to use the egress calculator and find out if your window opening is large enough to house an egress window for your basement.

  1. Select ‘Type of Window’ from the drop down list.
  2. Enter the Width and Height (in inches) of the window that will fit into your current opening.
  3. Press Calculate to get your measurements.

The table will populate with the window specifications that you need to determine if the window will meet building code compliance and egress requirements in your area.

Egress Window Calculator




Window Specifications
Width Height SQ Footage
Frame Size
Clear Opening
Visible Glass
Building Code Compliance
W H A Compliant?
Canadian National (NBCC)
City of Guelph

Note: The width (W), height (H), and area (A) requirements must all be met in order to be egress compliant.