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Egress Window Woes

Egress Windows are important. Like, really important. Not only are they a legal requirement in many basements, but they can literally save a live. So one day we stopped and asked ourselves, 'why is it so flippin hard to buy one?' We looked everywhere to try and find where we could get our hands on an egress window but couldn't find anything. We even thought about going into a physical store to look, but couldn't take that thought seriously. Like I have the time to drive to an actual store... It almost makes you wonder how people used to survive before the internet. What a scary world that must have been. 

The Way Forward

Anywho, long story short, we decided that this whole situation was a little bit ridiculous and set out on a quest to make things right. Fast forward a little while and here we are selling egress windows to you in the simplest way we can imagine. Our curated selection of windows have been specifically chosen to comply with egress code in your area (but please confirm your local regulations, the legal requirements do vary from place to place). Now you can shop online, pick the perfect egress window for your basement renovation project, and have it shipped straight to your door - all without ever having to put on pants. The future is here my friends.      

The Story Behind the Name

We owe the inspiration for our name to none other than the Greatest Showman himself, Mr. PT Barnum. While known for his many theatrical spectacles, there was one stunt that particularly caught our eye. 

Barnum's American Museum

Before it burned down in 1865, Barnum's American Museum was one of the most popular attractions in America. Too popular. People would arrive early in the morning and stay the whole day, quickly maxing out the building's capacity. While this may sound like a good problem to have, it meant the museum couldn't let any more people in, which resulted declining admission revenue. Paradoxically, Barnum needed a way to get people out of his museum.

PT Barnum's American Museum
This way to the great egress sign

The Great Egress

In classic Barnum fashion, the swindler of the century had an idea. A new exhibition. The Great Egress! Signs posted throughout the museum directed patrons to this new and cryptic display - "This Way to The Great Egress". People would follow the signs excitedly, roused by the prospect of what lie ahead. Only when they went through the doors did they realize what had happened. They had been bamboozled by Barnum! 'Egress' is just an elaborate word meaning exit. To get back inside, these bumfuzzled folks had to pony up another 25 cents for admission.      

The Great Egress Company

While we love the story and name it has given us, it is suffice to say that we do not share Barnum's affinity for deceit and trickery. In fact, quite the opposite. We believe that we are fully transparent about the fact that our egress windows are, indeed, an exit to the outside world. Whether you decide to charge an admission fee to come back in through the front door is entirely up to you. 

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