Side Hinge Egress Window

Side Hinge Egress Window



You've already taken the first step towards transforming your dark and unused basement into a bright, vibrant, and actually livable space. Now you need to clear the regulatory hurdles and get that sh*t up to code. Yeah, we know, there are about a million and a half building codes that you have to deal with. Let us make it easy to check the egress code off that list.

Our Side Hinge Egress Windows: 

  • Are affordable and easy-to-purchase

  • Come ready-made with a solid PVC frame and insulated glass

  • Are energy efficient to keep your heating bill low and your basement cozy

  • Comply with egress code  

  • Come with a removable screen* 

  • Are made using specially-designed egress hinges to optimize the egress opening

  • Use a simple, one-handle locking mechanism that can easily be opened by children

How do side hinge egress windows work?

As the name suggests, our side hinge egress window is, in fact, hinged on the side. This means that the window will swing inwards the same way that a door would swing inwards. What separates our side hinge egress window from other windows that swing this way, is the exact positioning of the hinges. Our hinge location allows the window to swing completely open, without the open sash obstructing any of the clear opening. This allows us to maximize the clear opening size (what matters for egress code) relative to the size of the frame. 

*Note: To use as an egress window, remove screen - the screen is supplied for convenience only and can hinder escape in the event of an emergency like a fire.

Sizing and Colours

Our egress windows are available in white and eight sizes:

  • 36" x 24" (4.04 sq. ft. clear opening)

  • 36" x 30" (5.30 sq. ft. clear opening)

  • 38" x 24.5" (4.24 sq. ft. clear opening)

  • 30" x 36" (5.26 sq. ft. clear opening)

  • 26" x 46" (5.80 sq. ft. clear opening)

  • 30" x 40" (5.94 sq. ft. clear opening)

  • 36" x 32" (5.72 sq. ft. clear opening)

  • 30" x 30" (4.25 sq. ft. clear opening)

It is important to bear in mind that the dimensions here (and for any egress window you may be considering) are the dimensions of the frame, while the dimensions you may have seen in the building code are for the clear opening. The dimensions of the clear opening for each size of the side hinge egress window can be seen under the specifications tab above.  


We offer free standard shipping on all orders. We strive to always ensure that our shipments arrive within 7 days. Most arrive in 4 or fewer.

In some instances, customers require faster shipping than this. To accommodate for these instances, we do offer an expedited shipping option that will arrive in 1-2 business days in almost all instances. For customers that live in particularly remote areas, sometimes shipping this quickly is simply not possible. In the rare cases that this is true, we will notify the customer and provide them with the option of either free standard shipping or a full refund.   

Our shipping is carbon neutral. For every egress window that we ship, we contribute a portion to sustainability initiatives large enough to counteract the environmental impact of shipping. This helps us contribute to a sustainable future.


36" x 24"

Frame36" x 24"
Clear Opening30.25" x 19.25"
Clear Opening Area4.04 Sq. Ft.
Visible Glass28.75" x 16.75"
Visible Glass Area3.34 Sq. Ft.

36" x 30"

Frame36" x 30"
Clear Opening30.25" x 25.25"
Clear Opening Area5.30 Sq. Ft.
Visible Glass28.75" x 22.75"
Visible Glass Area4.54 Sq. Ft.

38" x 24.5"

Frame38" x 24.5"
Clear Opening32.25" x 19.75"
Clear Opening Area4.42 Sq. Ft.
Visible Glass30.75" x 17.25"
Visible Glass Area3.68 Sq. Ft.

30" x 36"

Frame30" x 36"
Clear Opening24.25" x 31.25"
Clear Opening Area5.26 Sq. Ft.
Visible Glass22.75" x 28.75"
Visible Glass Area4.54 Sq. Ft.

26" x 46"

Frame26" x 46"
Clear Opening20.25" x 41.25"
Clear Opening Area5.80 Sq. Ft.
Visible Glass18.75" x 38.75"
Visible Glass Area5.05 Sq. Ft.

30" x 40"

Frame30" x 40"
Clear Opening24.25" x 35.25"
Clear Opening Area5.94 Sq. Ft.
Visible Glass22.75" x 32.75"
Visible Glass Area5.17 Sq. Ft.

36" x 32"

Frame36" x 32"
Clear Opening30.25" x 27.25"
Clear Opening Area5.72 Sq. Ft.
Visible Glass28.75" x 24.75"
Visible Glass Area4.94 Sq. Ft.

30" x 30"

Frame30" x 30"
Clear Opening24.25" x 25.25"
Clear Opening Area4.25 Sq. Ft.
Visible Glass22.75" x 22.75"
Visible Glass Area3.59 Sq. Ft.

Egress Code Chart*

The following chart indicates where our window will meet egress code. Many localities simply default to the provincial building code, but there are exceptions. Where we have found exceptions, they are listed below. However, there are many municipalities and local building codes that are updated all the time. It is ultimately your responsibility to confirm with your local government if there are any requirements above and beyond the provincial building code. 

36" x 24"36" x 30"38" x 24.5"30" x 36"
National Building Code of CanadaYesYesYesYes
Ontario Building CodeYesYesYesYes
City of Guelph (Accessory Apartments)NoYesYesYes
Manitoba Building CodeYesYesYesYes

26" x 46"30" x 40"36" x 32"30" x 30"
National Building Code of CanadaYesYesYesYes
Ontario Building CodeYesYesYesYes
City of Guelph (Accessory Apartments)YesYesYesYes
Manitoba Building CodeYesYesYesYes

*While we do our best to provide as much information as we can on the egress requirements in every location, you are responsible for knowing the local egress requirements and purchasing an appropriate window. 

Current Stock

The following charts provide an indication of our current stock levels for the various sizes of the side hinge egress window

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my order to arrive?

We will process orders for basic sized windows placed before 5:00 PM Eastern Time the next day and hand them over to our shipping provider. From there it generally takes between 4 and 7 days to arrive at your door. 

For more information, take a look at our shipping policy    

How is the window shipped?

We work with a variety of different shipping providers in order to ensure that we can continue to offer you free shipping.

A portion of every order is donated to environmental initiatives to completely offset the carbon emissions of shipping. After all, we want you to be able to open your new window and enjoy clean air.


What is your return policy?

We have a 30-day return policy, provided the window is still in its original condition. To Initiate a return please send us a message and a member of our team will begin the return process with you.

Please inspect your Item when it arrives. While we have carefully selected a shipping provider who has a reputation for taking the upmost care in product handling, the fragile nature of the products means that they are occasionally damaged during transport. If this is the case, reach out to us immediately so we can evaluate the situation and make it right.

Due to the fragile nature of our products and the inherently cumbersome process involved in shipping them, we reserve the right to charge up to a 25% restocking fee on all returns or cancelled orders.

Have a look at our full return and refund policy

What if the window doesn't pass my home inspection? 

We want to make sure that the process of getting the right egress window for your home is as simple as possible. 

It is important to remember that egress requirements do vary from place to place. We sell some windows that pass egress in one region, but not in another. Please consult with our Egress Code Chart to determine which of our windows meet egress code in your area. 

If you purchase a window from us that we say will pass egress in your region and it does not pass your home inspection please do reach out and let us know. We will work with you to understand what went wrong and how we can make it right.


Can I get a custom size window?

Unfortunately, due to unacceptably high supply chain lead times, we are no longer offering custom window sizes. They simply take too long for us to get the windows to customers. 


How big should the rough opening be?

The dimensions listed for each product are the dimensions of the outside frame of the product. We generally recommend installing windows into a rough opening that is 0.5" wider and taller than the frame dimensions. 

For example, a 36"w x 24"h egress window is best installed in a 36.5"w x 24.5"h rough opening.  

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