How Much Do Egress Windows Cost?

An egress window is a special type of window that meets building codes and safety regulations. It's meant to provide an emergency escape route to ensure a safe exit to the outside from below ground level. Egress windows are required by local municipalities and insurance companies. If you find yourself in need of upgrading an existing egress window or installing a new egress window but wondering about the price, continue reading. We outline what exactly goes into an egress window and why it is worth the price.

Egress Windows Meet Specific Building Code Requirements

Egress windows have many more conditions than regular windows. You may have thought that you could just buy a window and install it in your basement, but there are some specific code requirements for egress windows that need to be followed in order to ensure that they can be used in the event of an emergency. Due to these extra requirements, building codes will require all new homes to be built with an emergency exit. 

Although it is a requirement now, it was not always the case in the United States. Egress window requirements have changed over time, making it possible for some older homes to be built with windows or window wells of a smaller size. Additional labor and costs could be involved in replacing egress windows in older homes.

A photo of a finished basement kitchen with three egress windows.

What To Look For When Buying Egress Windows

When shopping around for egress-compliant windows, we recommend looking for products with the following features to get the best quality and value out of your purchase: 

  1. Windows Made with Specific Egress Hardware: Egress Windows are required to be easily opened from the inside without any keys, tools, or physical difficulties.
  2. Windows Made in North America: Windows made in North America are affordable, reliable, and easy to install and operate.

Here at the Great Egress Co, our windows are carefully designed with all features listed above. We’ve also made our windows accessible to everyone in the US through our online shop, and free carbon-neutral shipping.

Egress Window Pricing

The cost to install egress windows in a basement will vary on the style, sizes, and materials required. Keep in mind that labor costs will be in addition to the cost of materials you see while shopping online, and will range depending on your local area. 

Depending on if your windows will sit above or below ground level, you may be required to excavate the exterior side of the egress window and install an egress-compliant window well. If you do not already have egress windows installed, you will most likely need to have a professional cut concrete to the required size. With these additional labor costs, a full egress window installation can range from $2,500 to $5,000 per window. According to HomeAdvisor, the national average cost is $3,904. Let’s also take a closer look at the costs of the windows.

Egress windows are sold in a variety of styles such as single-hung, double-hung, and in-swing. At The Great Egress Company, we believe your best option is an egress window with hinges side hung.

A product photo of an egress window with hinges side hung.

These windows swing inward, the same way as a door. What sets our side-hinged egress windows apart from others is the unique positioning of the side hinges. It maximizes the clear opening relative to the size of the window frame. This allows for better use of your window opening! 

A close up photo of the special hinges on an egress window sold by The Great Egress Co.
As an example, our egress windows with side-hung hinges start at $525 in price. It’s important to also consider shipping costs and warranties when pricing out egress windows. Our products come with free shipping and a 20-year limited warranty, helping you keep your costs down.

Ultimately, egress windows can be a great addition to your home. They're useful and can add up to $5000 in added resale value to your property. With all the benefits of having an egress window in your home and knowing that they are legal in most jurisdictions, we think it’s worth it! 

Click here to shop our Egress Compliant Windows, or visit our Egress Calculator to determine your window requirements.

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